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The Art of 18th-Century Dining

By Leah Thomas / Art History & Archaeology Major / Senior / University of Evansville During the 1600s, a typical meal in a colonial home consisted of ingredients that were mixed together and cooked in one pot, then eaten out … Continue reading

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A Smokin’ Deal: Tobacco Planters and the Quest for Their Accounts

By James Bland / History & Economics Major / Senior / University of Utah A comedian once said, “If you can’t check a man’s soul, then check his wallet.”  Such was my mindset transcribing the Alexandria accounts of the Glassford and … Continue reading

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It’s g-I-s Not g-P-s!

By Tabitha Hilliard / Anthropology / Graduate student / Monmouth University One of my tasks this summer is to digitize maps from excavations at Mount Vernon into ArcGIS.   At Mount Vernon we work from a Master Map.  This is the map where we … Continue reading

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Identity in Tea Leaves & Coffee Grounds

By Sophia Farrulla / History & Anthropology Major / Junior / College of William and Mary As a student with interest in both the archaeology and history of Revolutionary America, I naturally gravitated towards the study of material culture and … Continue reading

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