Archaeological Collections Online Credits

It takes a village to analyze an archaeological site for a web-based audience.  We estimate that 100 individuals were involved in some aspect of the digital side of the project – no small village!  Some of these villagers were contractors who provided valuable contributions in their areas of expertise, but most generously donated hours upon hours of time and hard work.  Every successful village needs a leader.  Luckily, ours had a clear vision for the future of archaeology and a strong determination to make public in a creative and forward-thinking way one of the most significant sites pertaining to the Washington households.  We thank Dennis Pogue, the visionary behind the Archaeological Collections Online Initiative, and Jim Rees for his support.  Eleanor Breen took this idea and implemented it with the support of the villagers and Esther White guided, refined, and helped to carefully craft the product.

This project was made possible by the support of the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association and funded by the Life Guard Society.  


Eleanor Breen
Esther White
Dennis Pogue
Laura Tancredi
Luke Pecoraro
Jean Higbee
Karen Price


Lauren Anderson, George Washington University
Katie Barca, George Washington University
Kristen Beales, University of Florida
James Bland, University of Wyoming
Kevin Bradley, American University
Jon Cameron, George Mason University
Heather Dalsing, Georgetown University
Anna Dempsey, University of Virginia
Joe Downer, George Mason University
Eva Falls, College of Charleston
Sophia Farrulla, College of William and Mary
Tabitha Hilliard, University of Virginia
Julia Kennedy, James Madison University
Barbara Pearlin, University of Maryland
Karen Price, University College London
Jess Purkis, Oberlin College
Leah Thomas, University of Evansville
Jennie Williams, University of Virginia
Abby Cliff, Biola University and the John Jay Institute
Brittany Higgs, George Mason University
Diana Hoins, University of Mary Washington
Lara Howerton, University of Virginia
Leah Stricker, Virginia Tech


Betsy Alexander
Bill Cole
Becky Garber
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Greco
Claire Hinson
Molly Kerr, Maddy McCoy and the Glassford and Henderson Store Account Transcription Team including Nichole Zang, Richard Klein; Rose Beiler, Connie Lester, and Anne Lindsay and their students at the University of Central Florida; and Leslie Heaphy and her students at Kent State University 
Brenna Killeen
Wendy Miervaldis
Kyle Mongan
Judi Paulos
Christine Taylor
Allison Whitlock


Susan Andrews, Faunal Analyst, Colonial Williamsburg
Steve Atkins, Associate Curator of Zooarchaeology, Colonial Williamsburg
Joanne Bowen, Curator of Zooarchaeology, Colonial Williamsburg
Michelle Erickson, Ceramic Artist
Mark Freeman, Stories Past
Jillian Galle, Fraser Neiman, Derek Wheeler, Jesse Sawyer, Leslie Cooper, The Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery
Barbara Heath, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Anne Johnson, Desktop Publishing, Mount Vernon
Dessa Lightfoot, Faunal Analyst, Colonial Williamsburg and College of William and Mary
Justine McKnight, Archeobotanical Consultant
Andy Morse, Director of Development, Mount Vernon
Lynn Price, Historian, Mount Vernon and George Mason University
Katherine Ridgeway, Conservator, Mount Vernon
Don Storer, Professor of Chemistry and Soil Scientist, Southern State Community College, Ohio
Louanne Wheeler, Editor
Andrew Wilkins, Soil Scientist, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Emily Williams, Conservator of Archaeological Collections, Colonial Wililamsburg
Lisa Young, Conservator

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Mark Freeman, Stories Past

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