Search Tips

Search Organization. The search tool is a simple keyword search of the objects catalogue. It does not search the summary, description, or notes fields. See the manual for additional information.

The Search Fields.  This search tool allows you to search the following fields: form; type; ware; material; manufacturing technique; place of origin; decorative technique; and phase.

A brief definition of the searchable fields is listed below.  See the manual (PDF file) for additional information. 

Form: The form field records the object's identification.
Type: The type field is a general grouping of the object's identification.
Ware: This field is only applicable for ceramics and identifies the kind of ceramic being catalogued.
Material: Records what the object is made of.
Manufacturing Technique: Describes how the object was made.
Place of Origin: Describes where the object was made
Decorative Technique: Records the method by which the particular decoration being recorded was applied.
Phase: Records what phase the object was excavated from.